Haneda Airport Limousine Service

We can drive you from Haneda Airport to your hotel or any other destination, door-to-door. You don't have to worry about the complicated transportation system with your heavy luggage. You could slip in the rain or suffer from severely hot/cold weather. Our service fee adopts a fixed rate system that is very economical. In addition, our complimentary translation service will allow you to do without the hassles of communicating in Japanese. Limousine service from Narita Airport is also available.

Easy reservation on the internet.   Let's start your wonderful trip to Japan. The driver will welcome you at the arrival gate.   The driver will take your luggage to the car with care.
We drive safely and assure your comfort! Please sit back and relax.   All communications in a car will be done through the translation center. Please do not worry about the language barrier.   You arrived at the destination! Please enjoy Japan and Tokyo.

Meeting Points at Haneda Airport

Meeting Points

International Terminal

Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Haneda Airport Terminal 2

How to meet

Meeting Points at the International Terminal

As you come out from customs


The driver will be waiting for you with a name-board


Please leave your luggage to him/her

Meeting Points at Terminal 1 and 2

At a specified meeting point...


The driver will be waiting for you with a name-board


Please leave your luggage with him/her

Translation service

Our Narita Airport Limousine Service and optional tours come with complimentary, worry-free translation services.
You and your driver will communicate through the translation center. When you board the taxi, we welcome you with a “Welcome Call” service which confirms your name, the driver's name, and the destination.
When you would like to talk to the driver, please tap his shoulder twice.
The driver will turn on the translation system switch, and a translator will ask what you would like to say.
You may speak without a microphone.
The speaking order will be you > translation center > driver > translation center > then you again.

*1 Available languages are English, Chinese and Korean.
*2 Our translation services are not designed for sightseeing.
*3 Operation hours: 9:00- 22:00
*4 Patent pending (Patent No. 2009-227835)
*If you would like to use translation services even when you are not in the taxi, you can purchase a Tel*Tell CARD that offers phone-based translation and three-party call translation services 24 hours a day.

Varieties of cars available
You may choose one among the Nissan Fuga, Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Toyota Crown G Package, Honda Odyssey, and Nissan Caravan.
Click here for more details.

We welcome you aboard our Limousine Taxi on your way back to Haneda Airport from your hotel. Enjoy your luxury time in the Limousine Taxi after you had a lot of fun on your trip.
* Please make another reservation for this service.

Fixed rate system!
Transportation fee is on a fixed rate
basis and there are no extra charges.

click here for more about the charges

More about making a Reservation

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