We accept your cancellation and/or change(s) online

Changing your reservation

You may make a change in reservation online if it is 4 or more days before your use of the car.

Please call us if you need to make a last minute change in less than 4 days before the use of the car. The emergency phone number (Travel Center) is TEL:03-3212-0505. Making changes in the reservation is possible up until the actual date of travel but please be mindful that not all the requests may be met due to the time restriction. We urge you to let us know as soon as possible if there is any changes as a cancellation fee may be incurred depending on the time of your cancellation.

How to change your reservation

1. Access to the Change in Reservation Form.

Please click on the URL found in your receipt mail or confirmation mail from and go to the form.

2. Reservation change

Your reservation info will be shown. Please change your data and then click on “Review the changed information”.

*We ask you to change only areas you need to make changes in.

3. Check the changed information

Please make sure that your changed information is correct and then click on “Make above changes” if there are no more changes to be made.Please click on “Back” when you need to make further changes.

4. Reservation change receipt

A page on the left will be shown when changes are complete. Then we will send you a receipt mail.

5. Reservation change confirmed

We will check the changed information you have inputted and our Travel Center will send you a confirmation by e-mail. Please make sure to complete all your credit card data if you haven't made payment yet.

<In case additional charge is required>
We will inform you of the new amount to be charged by e-mail.

<In case of reservation change failure>
We will let you know by e-mail if we are not able to prepare your requested car. Please cancel your reservation in case you are not happy with the alternate car. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

About reservation cancellation

We accept your cancellation online until the last moment on the day of travel.

However, you will be charged with the following penalty fee if you cancel the reservation after the listed date/time.

Cancellation day/time Cancellation fee
11 or more days before the trip None
8-10 days before the trip 20% of all charges
2-7days before the trip 30% of all charges
A day before the trip 40% of all charges
On the day of trip(more than three hours from meeting time) 50% of all charges
Less than three hours before the meeting time/No-Show 100% of all charges

How to cancel your reservation

1. Access to the change in Reservation Form.

Please click on the URL quoted in your receipt mail or confirmation mail from and go to the form.

2. Cancellation process

The amount of the cancellation fee, if any, will be shown according to the timing of your cancellation.

To make your cancellation complete, please click on “Cancel Reservation”. This process is mandatory.

3. Cancellation confirmed

Your reservation is now canceled successfully. We will send you an e-mail confirming the amount of the cancellation fee if any. The fee will be charged to the credit card account you have registered with us at the time of making your reservation.


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