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Welcome to Tokyo-taxi.jp
Planning an exciting trip to Tokyo? How would you get to the hotel in Tokyo from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport?
Don't know or speak Japanese? Don't know the transportation routes? Have a lot of luggage? Don't waste time by trying it all on your own.
Tokyo-taxi.jp offers an airport taxi, operated by Hinomaru Limousine Inc.
We support your trip by driving you from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport to your destination with safety and comfort.
More details are available at this website. Reservations may also be made easily online.
Limousine service from Tokyo Station is also available.

Enhanced Service

Airport Limousine Service

Experienced drivers will support you as you start your sightseeing or business in Japan. We can drive you from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport to your hotel or any other destination, door-to-door.
You don't have to worry about the complicated transportation system with your heavy luggage. You could slip in the rain or suffer from severely hot/cold weather.
Our service fee adopts a fixed rate system that is very economical.
Our complimentary translation services allow you to be free from the hassles of communicating in Japanese.

Narita Airport Limousine ServiceHaneda Airport Limousine Service

Optional Tours

Most of Tokyo's transportation relies on subways and buses. How do I buy a ticket? Which train or bus should I take, and where from? tokyo-taxi.jp also provides optional tours to support your Tokyo sightseeing and shopping.

Mt. Fuji

More about the Optional Tours

About the translation service
translation service

Our Narita Airport Limousine Service and optional tours come with complimentary, worry-free translation services.
You and your driver will communicate through the translation center. When you board the taxi, we welcome you with a “Welcome Call” service which confirms your name, the driver's name, and the destination.
When you would like to talk to the driver, please tap his shoulder twice.
The driver will turn on the translation system switch, and a translator will ask what you would like to say.
You may speak without a microphone.
The speaking order will be you > translation center > driver > translation center > then you again.

*1 Available languages are English, Chinese and Korean.
*2 Our translation services are not designed for sightseeing.
*3 Operation hours: 9:00- 22:00
*4 Patent pending (Patent No. 2009-227835)
*If you would like to use translation services even when you are not in the taxi, you can purchase a Tel*Tell CARD that offers phone-based translation and three-party call translation services 24 hours a day.

Service with a high-class limousine and great comfort

Luxury Limousine Taxi

Limousine Taxi is a high-class taxi which includes Luxury Service, and it needs to be reserved in advance.The Limousine Taxi service provides you with most suitable car and driver for your purpose and request. The Luxury Taxi service offers you with the most suitable type of car and coordinates schedules and routes. We provide you the best service as professionals. This is our “LIMOTAXI” to provide you with a high-class service and great comfort.

We also welcome small children and handicapped passengers.

"Child car seats are available for all types of cars.
For handicapped passengers, the driver will assist seating you and store the wheelchair in the trunk.
(The service is available only with the Odyssey and Caravan.)"


Child car seats are available for all types of cars. No worries when you travel with a little child.

A wheelchair may be stored.
(Only available with Odyssey and Caravan)

Some of you may have experienced an unpleasant odor of smoking that was left in a the taxi. Limousine Taxi's rule is that there shell be no smoking in any cars at anytime thereby protecting children and those who would like to be away from smoke.

click here for more about the car types.

Commitment to transportation safety, trust, and compliance by Hinomaru Limousine

We at Hinomaru Limousine, promise you to uphold compliance, drive safely, be punctual, and to respect your privacy. We provide services under the motto of “drive by heart, technique is not everything” and be professional in every aspect such as driving technique, service to our customers, manners, speech, and so forth. Our cars undergo maintenance on a regular basis, and are inspected and cleaned everyday. Hinomaru Limousine promises you a safe and trustworthy way of transportation. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Hinomaru Limousine taxi is ranked AA by the Tokyo taxi industry committee. We recognize our responsibility as a company in our society to prevent global warming. We have Green Management Certification (C130089) to cut down environmental damage from our transportation business. We also work with the Greenery Research and Development Center to reforest in Beijing, China.

Taxi ranking
Taxi ranking  

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