5 points about tokyo-taxi.jp airport limousine service

Door-to-door, easy access (more)

We will greet you at the arrival gate! This is the beginning of your wonderful trip to Japan. We will escort you from the airport to your hotel with excellent service.

Translation service available (more)

You do not have to worry about the language barrier with us. We will communicate in your native language.

Easy reservation on the internet (more)

You may make a reservation via internet anytime from anywhere.

Fixed rate system (more)

You don't have to worry about being overly charged, even when you are traveling long distance. Our fare is on a fixed rate basis. Credit card payment is available online.

Commitment to safety and trust

Proudly operated by Hinomaru Limousine Corporation. We are committed to safety and trusting relationships between our guests.

More about the airport limousine serviceMore about making a Reservation

Varieties of car available


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